Our most popular design is our classic, traditional style orangery which delivers the balance that many clients demand from a glass extension.
Orangeries can be built in many materials to help them blend with the style of the main property. Using carefully matched materials such as brick or stone, and building in the same style as the original home, Glass Houses creates seamless, perfectly integrated glass extensions.
A well-designed orangery will change the way you live, providing a light-filled space ideal as a kitchen, dining and living extension and creating a link between your home and garden.


The classic style of the orangery originated in the 17th century when they were first used by the nobility to cultivate citrus fruit and other exotics. In the 18th century they became fashionable with wealthy homeowners as a pleasing setting for summer entertaining.

For many, an orangery bridges a gap - it is more formal and room-like than a luxury conservatory or glass extension and offers far more light than an ordinary brick-built extension.

Glass Houses by Jeremy Uglow has been at the forefront of recreating these elegant rooms as a popular way of adding light and space to a home. The essence of an orangery is that whilst offering exceptional light they are a more substantial building than a traditional conservatory, combining masonry with glass and timber.

All Glass Houses' orangeries are handmade in African hardwood, using traditional as well as modern technology. No pre-assembled components are used - every section of a Glass Houses orangery is individually made to the highest standard.

    We are extremely pleased with not only the product, but also the manner in which all the work has been executed. Congratulations to all involved.
Mr & Mrs Milner, Godalming